Break The Conspiracies


Some research scientists want to be recognized for their ingenuity.
This ingenuity is accredited by its miraculous discoveries.
Many of these discoveries are solutions to persistent illnesses plaguing our communities today.

Health care providers, doctors, medical science experts, have said time and time again, “Prevention is better than cure.”
However, we as a people are not progressing, and we are not preventing. Within society people are falling ill daily.

With the amount of our finances that are dedicated towards the medical society; including health insurance, medicare and foundations, finding what sometimes seems a simple cure, be it in a form of a pill or a medical procedure appears nearly impossible to have, unavailable, or out of reach.
Existing cures for cancer have been affectively blocked by governmental agencies and the U.S. medical industry, in favor of the all mighty dollar.

Reaching and unleashing these available ‘curative doses’ so that the common man anywhere could grab a hold of it, is the campaign of “Worldwide Cure.” We can no longer be content with privatized medical practices. Ask yourself, “How can one put a price tag on humanity?”

We must enable real cures to make it to people with cancer, aids and other debilitating diseases. We must accelerating change through higher health education services at all schools, campuses and businesses,
Teaching people about prevention and providing educational materials that will enlighten the public. Providing access to a group like Advocates Against Chemicals, learning how to reduce our toxic burden, and lessen our chances of illness.

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